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9-day Itinerary of Europe | handy guide

In early spring 2016, I traveled 4 countries in Europe in 9 days. I am glad to share with you a handy 9-day itinerary of Europe, including highlights from Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, and Germany. Planning a budget trip to Europe can be overwhelming- I totally concede. Here is how I planned itinerary for my dream Europe Trip.

My Europe Itinerary at a glance:

Start point (landing at)Amsterdam, Netherlands.
Route– Amsterdam- Swiss- Italy- Germany. All the Bus and train commute in Europe was planned with four-country Eurail Pass.
Endpoint ( flight back home from) – Munich, Germany.
Duration: 9 days 10 nights (Duration may vary due to the location of your home country)
Total Expense including commute and stay was less than 1Lac Indian Rupees, for Two people.

The Major expense for long distance start points like for people starting from US or India is a -flight and stay cost. I suggest to plan ahead and to book at least three months in advance. Choose the transition time between seasons, as your travel time. For example early spring, early fall, late summer. You would save huge with such simple travel tips.

Without further due, let’s get started with why you are here- Europe itinerary, just 9 days and 4 countries!

Amsterdam tulip gardens
First stop was Keukenhof, Netherlands.

Day 1&2: Netherlands ( Keukenhof & Amsterdam )
Day 1-Arrive by Flight to Amsterdam Schiphol airport.
land early- head directly to Keukenhof tulip gardens (March to May only). Otherwise, you can explore Amsterdam. By night, explore red light district of Amsterdam. (you can have a guided tour)
Day 2– cover Amsterdam in a day, Its totally possible- see how I did it. Take a boat tour or museum of your choice. Visit I am Amsterdam letters and eat Herring (Raw Fish) in Amsterdam. Day two night- board a night train from Amsterdam to Zurich

Canals of Amsterdam, Netherlands
Canals of Amsterdam, Netherlands

Day3&4: Switzerland ( Luzern, Titlis, Jungfrau, Interlaken )
Day 3– Take a train from Zurich to lucern, check in at a hotel in lucern and head to mount Titlis day excursion. After spending more than half a day, come back to lucern, have an evening stroll around lake lucern and walk on the famous chapel bridge. Have a dinner in Lucern.
Day 4 – Check out from a hotel in Lucern. Take a train to Jungfrauch- the highest mountain in entire Europe. After spending half a day there, come back at Interlaken and check in at the hotel. Explore the Interlaken. Stay in Interlaken.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t execute this as planned, due to bad weather. Thumb rule, check the weather before you plan for Switzerland, especially when you are planning mountain excursions. Nevertheless, I had a spontaneous plan of visiting the Rhine falls instead, and wasn’t less fun!

Day 5,6,7 – Italy (Milan, Venice, Pisa, Rome)
Day 5– Early morning, board a fast train to Milan, Explore the shopping plaza and Milan’s Cathedral. Lunch in Milan.
Take fast train to Venice, check in the hotel in Venice and explore part of Venice in the night. Stay in Venice.
Day 6– Explore Venice even more, take a gondola ride, explore beautiful alleyways and brides & famous sites.
In the evening, take a train to Pisa. Reach by the night and stay in Pisa.
Day 7– Early morning take a tour to leaning tower of Pisa, after the lunch, board a train to Rome. Check-in at the hotel in Rome, explore Colosseum by night (night tours available). Trevi fountain by night & have a romantic Italian dinner. Stay in Rome.
Day 8– Start early morning, for the guided tour of Colosseum and Roman forum. After spending almost an entire day exploring Rome, Board a night train to Munich.

the leaning Tower of Pisa
Trying to steal the leaning tower of Pisa
Lost in Rome

Day 9 – Germany (Munich)

Day 9– arrive in Munich, take a free guided tour/ hop on hop off tour of the city, In the evening we take a flight back to the homeland from Munich.

Hope you find this useful while planning your dream Europe Trip. there are several micro- factors to consider when planning a trip to Europe. I had tonnes of FAQ’s when I planned mine, like, Which country should apply to for Visa? Which type of Eurail pass should I buy? How would I know if there are some 11th-hour changes in train schedule? Is credit card accepted everywhere?… Hold your horses, I am going to post every micro bit about how to plan a Europe trip. Subscribe to my blog and never miss the feeling of having useful posts handy in your email inbox.

Are you planning your Europe Trip? Have you got similar questions or probably something else is on your mind? I would be happy to help you, Just drop your questions in the comments below.
Have Not found the Europe itinerary you are looking for? Request a custom itinerary here.

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