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How cool is this Germany-Switzerland border at Lake Constance?

Lake Constance is officially the paradise for German’s! In fact, 17 out of 20 tourists here are German, they just adore lake of Constanz! The lake shares boundaries with Germany, Austria, and Switzerland- bringing all your cross country hopping dreams to a beautiful reality!
I live close to French border of Germany, close as in – the glittery town of Strasbourg is just 30 minutes train ride. I took a great pride in sharing cross-country stories (shopping/lunch in one country dinner in another) to my friends until I switched between countries at Lake Constance – that too, just in few seconds!! So the pride part remains intact just you have a new story to listen to, and here it goes…

At lake Konstance, I found the official border between Germany and Switzerland- which btw is little more than just a painted line on a road. The line of modern sculptures lined along the border, define it indirectly. the array of sculptures ends in the waters of Lake Constance, keeping you all puzzled about how the border control works in the water!!

Mom and girl standing at the Germany Switzerland Border at Lake Constace
My mom in Switzerland, I am in Germany, still, we can hold hands 🙂

Jump off the not so vivid line, and here you are, entirely in another country!! Maybe for Europeans its totally normal, but for an Indian like me ( who gets super excited even to spot a ladybug!) it’s really the coolest place you can find.

With all Indo- Pak, (hidden) Indo-China border disputes, for an Indian imagination, borders are always associated with soldiers, wars, metal wires and hit Bollywood movies :P. Like when I saw evening parade at Wagha border- Indian soldiers shaking hands with Pak soldiers, and crossing borders, I had been covered in goosebumps! so there I was at Lake Constance, jumping over the German-Swiss border like a monkey outta zoo, and I am not even kidding!

The Landesgrenze (land border in German) is a fascinating place to see at Lake Constance. Here you will find the stone of demarcation, the date inscribed on it and a line of tall and handsome art pieces. The demarcation was done in 1894.

Location details of Germany- Switzerland border at Lake Constance:

location of Germany- Switzerland border at Lake Constance
Amazing Borders of Lake Constance


Just trust your google maps, and chase the border, or walk towards Lake Constance aquarium and you will find these tall, modern art pieces arranged in the straight line, that’s the border! The last art piece btw is right into the lake and there are no further, which put me all puzzled about their border control system!

Lake Constance truly is a paradise with places like Mainau Island (flower island), Meersburg (charming resort village with vineyards), the Rhine falls Switzerland, Austrian shore, cruises, meditation vibes and even palm trees, it has something for everyone. German-Swiss border Demarkation was just the kind of my place! If you are ever to visit Lake Constance, and the German shore of Lake Constance (Bodensee) don’t miss the thrill of this place.

If you have been to something offbeat and extra special in Europe, write about it in my comments section. I would love to add it to my travel book. Hope I lit a bit more inspiration in you, hope you touch every possible place on your lust-list!

Happy trotting folks! hope we meet somewhere in this world!

Until next time!


2 thoughts on “How cool is this Germany-Switzerland border at Lake Constance?”

  1. Hi,
    Really quite anxious about our upcoming trip.Will be 7 days in Basel and 7 days in Lucerne.
    Would appreciate if you could give us some specific areas to go.


    1. I really think 7 Days in Basel is too long 🙂 but totally depends on your route. To discover places around Lucerne 7 days is a good plan. Check my youtube for more places in Switzerland, You’ll find link on the homepage 🙂 Thanks


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