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9-day Itinerary of Europe | handy guide

In early spring 2016, I traveled 4 countries in Europe in 9 days. I am glad to share with you a handy 9-day itinerary of Europe, including highlights from Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, and Germany. Planning a budget trip to Europe can be overwhelming- I totally concede. Here is how I planned itinerary for my dream… Continue reading 9-day Itinerary of Europe | handy guide

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My Trip To Santorini Greece: Travel Guide

Every inch of Santorini is surreal. I remember daydreaming about this astonishing white-blue Greek island, and when I witnessed its beauty with my own eyes, I kept pinching myself. Whitewashed houses, tranquil blue dome churches, crystal clear beaches and extremely delicious seafood - Santorini is hyped for a reason! I recently visited this mesmerizing destination,… Continue reading My Trip To Santorini Greece: Travel Guide

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Amsterdam Attractions In A Day

Amsterdam Vacation was a long cherished dream! Amsterdam was the first stop on our much-awaited Europe-trotting. As soon as I saw a cheap flight to Amsterdam, I checked the weather and searched for a good Bed and breakfast, packed my bags and attaboy, next week I was living my Amsterdam dream! Cheap hotel Amsterdam: We… Continue reading Amsterdam Attractions In A Day