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Amsterdam Attractions In A Day

Amsterdam Vacation was a long cherished dream! Amsterdam was the first stop on our much-awaited Europe-trotting. As soon as I saw a cheap flight to Amsterdam, I checked the weather and searched for a good Bed and breakfast, packed my bags and attaboy, next week I was living my Amsterdam dream!

Cheap hotel Amsterdam:

We had a day to explore Amsterdam city. We stayed at a chic but a budget hotel in Amsterdam- Motel One. The hotel had a buzz but wasn’t centrally located. The unique decor, comfortable rooms, and great service – basically everything you need for a perfect Amsterdam holiday.
In the morning we boarded a tram and purchased a day ticket for trams and buses, this move was a savior because even if they say Amsterdam is a walkable city, believe me, it’s too much exhausting sometimes.
Grabbed sandwiches from the supermarket and had our budget breakfast while strolling around beautiful canals of the Amsterdam city.

“I Amsterdam letters” at museum square in Amsterdam:

A nice walk took us to the famous museum square, a place for three wonderful museums of Amsterdam -the Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum, and Stedelijk Museum. At the entrance to the square, we booked our tickets for a day canal cruise. Almost all the early cruise slots were booked, hence I recommend booking a day before or earliest in the morning.
Blessed with some free time before the cruise, we spent a good time at museum square trying to get a good picture of the world famous I Amsterdam letters and we failed miserably  :P. Tourist climbed every possible inch and the letters were over occupied to believe that there were no letters but just heaps of people. I could get a good snap with Just ‘R’ from Amsterdam 🙂  The back side of the sign was unattended. I would suggest taking a snap from there and using your smart editing tools to do the mirror image.This would do the job and you can enjoy the rest of the area in the time you just saved.
Museum square. Amsterdam
I forgot to adjust the perspective, Tipsy photo of Museum square.
I am Amsterdam letters
Museum square Flooded with tourists- Never expect less unless raining or snowing!
I am AMSTERDAM from behind
My husband standing near R, Find him!

Day Canal Cruise In Amsterdam:

Amsterdam has more than 100 kilometers (60 miles) of canals, most of which are navigable by boat. No wonder this City of canals is best viewed from canals! Our cruise started at 2 pm. We went a bit early and lined up for the good seats. It was a well-guided tour and lasted about 75 minutes. This might sound more cliche way to get city introduction but helped coz we had just a day in Amsterdam.
Amsterdam may seem like a maze of canals, but it is a well-planned city. The guided tour surprised us with lesser-known facts about the architecture and food. Did you know that Amsterdam houses were used to be taxed on frontage, hence many old houses are weirdly long and narrow! Boat tour took us to the world’s narrowest house which is in Amsterdam!
I was surprised to see many tilted houses, which my partner thought was a red effect :P. I wasn’t but the houses were little too tipsy. We were explained why the A’dam houses are purposefully built to lean forward.
Canal cruise gives you a glimpse of major attractions of the city like the Eye: Film Institute of Netherlands, The National Maritime Museum. You’ll see Amsterdam the way it really is – from the Golden Bend to Overhoeks, the city’s newest quarter, and from the Music Building in the harbor to the VOC ship, Amsterdam is even more impressive by waterways.
 National Maritime Museum, Amsterdam
The National Maritime Museum Area.
Amstel Hotel- from canal tour, Amsterdam
The glimpse of world-famous Amstel Hotel- Many  only have a glimpse I bet

Dutch food delights in Amsterdam:

Herring: We headed to the local market for the most famous local dutch food in Amsterdam.  I was skeptical about eating raw fish, and herring proved me wrong by delighting my tastebuds. Nothing fancy, just a slice of pickle, onions and a piece of raw Herring Fish stuffed inside the slice of bread but oh my god, tastes delicious!
Eating Heriing in Amsterdam
Herring- Raw fish with bread and pickle
Omlegg: Now this is not a particular dish, but a cozy cafe/ restaurant serving different types of omelets. Undoubtedly the best omelet I have ever had. The place is at a walkable distance from Heineken experience. I ordered “farmboy” from the menu, and couldn’t be happier when had a bite.
Dutch pancakes in Amsterdam
Omelet to remember- at Omlegg Amsterdam
One of my many guilty pleasures on Euro trip was a lavish dessert – Dutch pancakes with Nutella. You eat you regret and yet you repeat!
Might look little unhealthy- but who cares! Holiday binges.

Dam square: Amsterdam

Dam square is hard to miss on any A’dam trip. One of the oldest areas of the main city, Dam square was overflowing with tourists and pigeons. I tried dutch pancakes and I had a much-needed break at this jostling square. Most royal way to have a city tour is from the royal dutch carriages, many of them start their trip from Dam square. Spotting a picture perfect chariot with a dapper rider was nothing less than opening a door to the golden age of Amsterdam.  Couldn’t resist interacting with this handsome new friend who has all eyes on him.
Dam square Amsterdam

Red light district of Amsterdam:

In the evening we headed towards the red light district. We weren’t sure about visiting this place out of safety concern but to our surprise, the area was totally fine. Sex for sale, live shows, toy shops and striking red windows for display, everything was a big-time cultural shock for me. Many of girls working in the red light area are forced to work for money and one could feel the grim on their faces. I couldn’t digest intense historic elegance and flashing red lights together, and just having the slightest glimpse of the area we jumped towards the next stop.

A picture- perfect Jordaan area of Amsterdam:

Amsterdam is endowed with geniality. Stroll around the Jordaan area was the next thing we did. Stuffed with small cafes and pretty little houses, Jordan has a dash of colors that set our mood.
The sight of tree branches running towards the water and shallow water paving a way through this vibrant city was a pure bliss.
Jordaan amsterdam
Houses on water, and boats in a parking space- Happnes only in Amsterdam
Amsterdam ring canals
the only person looking at the camera is me, find me!
Dam square Amsterdam
A nearby building was on fire while we were at Dam Square.

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