Mallorca travel guide, Spain

The Only Guide To Northeast Mallorca, Spain

Our five day trip to northeast Mallorca was a sweet illusion of summer in late October! From freezing 5 degrees in Germany towards soothing 23 degrees in northeast Mallorca, Did we case the summer? literally!!
Margalida beach, Northeast Mallorca

Mallorca/ Majorca is one of many beautiful Balearic Islands of Spain. Far away from the Spanish mainland, Mallorca feels like a whole another country. It’s impressive to see how all forms of landscapes are packed on this 100 km (east to west) of an island. Gigantic cliffs, mysterious salt caves, turquoise waters, and white sand beaches;  Mallorca is a true paradise.

I stuck to Northeast side Mallorca, for all 5 days, just salt and sea! Here is the list of places I visited, and I would recommend to everyone interested in Northeastern Mallorca! I am trying to make this guide as handy as possible, hope you guys get a tip or two for your next vacation to Mallorca, Spain.

Beaches I visited:

  1.  Playa de can Picafort: (Family friendly beach with all the facilities like showers, bars, and shacks)
  2. Playa de Muro: (Favorite of all beaches, Gorgeous turquoise waters, all facilities, best for couples)
  3. Playa de Alcudia: (Family friendly with all the facilities, famous for water sports) 
  4. Playa Margalida: (Rocky seafront with the sculptures and a beachside walkaway, Best for jogging and workout along the beach.
  5. Playa de Son Bulao: (Best for couples, smallest and cutest beach, no facilities like showers or water sports)
Playa de Muro at Northeastern Mallorca, Spain.
Playa de Muro at Northeastern Mallorca, Spain.
Sunrise From Playa de Son Bulao, Mallorca
Sunrise From Playa de Son Bulao, Mallorca

How did I spend my time in Northeast Mallorca?

Watch the sunrise

On a very first day, we were determined to witness the sunrise from Playa de Son Bulao– a slightly rocky but quieter beach. Needless to say, we were thrilled. Sunsets are popular but one cannot win over the beauty of the sun rising through deep blue waters. The stroll along the Carrer Marina (pathway along the Son Bulao beach)  should not be missed. Carrer Marina runs hand in hand with a shoreline, is a pleasant walk of 5 km. Specifically, in the morning, landscapes were gorgeous with sun climbing up so fast and changing the aesthetics every next minute. They do have public Gym equipment set up right on this walkaway, pretty basic but was sure a surprise. Carrer Marina will take you directly to the Can Picafort port and later to the beach.

Public gym equipment on beachside walkway
Public gym equipment on a beachside walkway

Swim, See and be mesmerized

Afternoons were mostly on the Can Picafort beach, water temperature was around 25 degrees Celsius, at a stunning golden sand beach. Beach shacks, tapas places, and Spanish bars were all over and wasn’t anything special about this regular sight, but what really surprised me was a Moorish influence on the beachside buildings and vintage shades of Beige and burgundy sprinkled all over.

Gorgeous palm trees lining up the streets merging into one point. As a saw the sight as far as the eye can see, my mind would play some Oriental background music. The palms are so cherished and cared for in Mallorca that I even saw a winter jacket specially made for a tree! How cute! House trail would end at a point and the last house with a sidewall facing to the road would have a humongous painting all over…same for the bare walls of oddly tall houses …that was so cool. 

Beachside houses with lifelike paintings at Can Picafort, Northeastern Mallorca
Beachside houses with lifelike paintings at Can Picafort, Northeastern Mallorca

Beach-hopping at North East Mallorca 

Next days we did a little beach hopping trip and went to Playa de Muro and Alcudia beach. I must say Playa de Muro was most stunning with its turquoise waters all over the belt.

Playa de Alcudia
Alcudia beach, Northeast Mallorca
Playa de Muro
Jetty at Playa de Muro

Where to stay in northeast Mallorca?

If you are a couple, stay near Playa de Muro and if you are planning a family vacation with kids then definitely Playa de Alcudia would be the best match. I did not find every beach to be totally different from one another, there are just basic differences like facilities the beaches have and the overall vibe they imprint.

Where did I stay at northeastern cost?

I stayed near Playa de Son Bulao, probably the smallest beach at northeast Mallorca. I was totally impressed by the cozy hotel we booked for all 5 days here are the deeds. 

Hotel Ferrer Janeiro and Spa near Playa de Son Bulao

View from the room, Ferrer Hotels, Mallorca
View from the room, Ferrer Hotels, Mallorca

This is best for an active holiday, as they have the best gym and trainers. We also enjoyed a small 5k run organized by the hotel. The food was amazing and overall stay was cozy. The spa was cherry on the top, specially if you are on the active holiday, soreness is well taken care of. I found the hotel staff extremely friendly. I would strongly recommend this place for people who do not want to return with the holiday weight! Their trainers make you sweat it off. 

Where I would want to stay?  

I would definitely want to stay at Playa de Muro beach next time. The beach and the landscape at Playa de Muro, is so serene that I fell in love. I would not just recommend but insist to book a hotel which is directly on the beach with a sea facing room. you won’t regret a penny towards this experience, just go for it and you would thank me here. 

When to visit Mallorca?

I visited Mallorca In October. This off-season holiday is better for a budget hotel and flight deals but the downside is that there is nothing much to do on the beach if you want to. The same thing happened to us in Mallorca. The watersports jetties were closed, some of the beach bars were beginning to close down and of course there were absolutely no people around, well the last part isn’t the downside really, as we had all northeast Mallorca all to ourselves.

More interesting time would be summer months, From June to August. I would recommend going for late September though, as at this time Mallorca is not too hot and everything is still open for the season. I found this informative video about the same, which I did watch before I went there. 

If you want to grab a budget deal then go in October or April/ May. This time is best for a quiet couple holiday. If at all I made you curious about how did Mallorca look in October, Here is the sneak peek.

Hope you guys like this guide as much as my previous holiday guides. Mallorca is much more than just beaches. Tons of cultural experiences, amazing local food, offbeat souvenirs and much more but like always, I am always short of time to catch it all! 

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