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How Expensive is the Trip to Santorini?

After my recent trip to Santorini, friends have been asking the same question-

How much does the trip to Santorini cost?

This is a tricky question, Santorini can be hell expensive or super pocket-friendly! It’s totally your call if you want a luxury vacation or a budget one (not talking about the backpacking). Get’s quickly get to the point here. I visited Santorini in the month of October 2017 and here is how much I spent on my trip-
The total cost of my trip to Santorini: 350€ (~405 $) Per Person for 3 nights and 4 days including flights!
Flight:  100€ pp ( Return)
Bus expenses in Santorini: 10€  pp/day (40 for 4 days)
Food costs in Santorini: 20€  pp/day  ( 80 for 4 days)
Stay costs: 20€ pp/night ( 60 for 3 nights)
Souvenir shopping and entry fees: 50€
Overhead: 20€
Detailed Breakdown: 
Here is detailed expense breakdown  from my recent 4-day visit to Santorini:

1. Flight:

This is a major variant, I flew from Germany to Athens and Then to Santorini and back, for Total 100€  per person (pp). Key is to book flights well before your actual visit. You might find some reasonably cheap flights for September or October.
I Booked flights here: Skyscanner 

2. Hotels in Santorini and staying costs :

Cheap Hotels in Santorini
View from our room at Artemis Village
Your major expenses are for a decent stay in Santorini, especially when you book your stay in touristy places like Fira or Oia.
We booked our stay at “Artemis Villas more towards the east side of Santorini. It was a superb hotel with a nice room facing the sea with private balcony and free transport to Airport and back.
For next two days, when we wanted to explore beaches on eastern and southern sides, we stayed at Hotel Porto Perrissa.
No doubt I would have loved a nice villa in Oia or Fira having a caldera view, But those were super expensive even in the off-season time. Moreover, these hotels were far more worth than money I paid.
Night 1-2: Artemis village – the one in the picture above ( 80€ for 2 nights)

Night 3: Porto Perrisa(35€ -1 night including breakfast )
Book using this code to get a discount

Hotel Porto Perrisa, Santorini
Hotel Porto Perrisa

3. Food Costs in Santorini:

Go for authentic Greek dishes anywhere on the island, food is not that expensive. I used to have “Gyros” and “Greek salad” for lunch (5€  total) and maybe Moussaka or Seafood saganaki for dinner (15€  for lavish 3-course dinner). Just avoid super-expensive restaurants in Oia. It would be helpful if you do your research about where to eat in Santorini. Else go anywhere, food is not that expensive.

I remember one of my friends said that he had spent 3000€ on the 4-day trip! so it’s possible to spend more in Santorini when you decide. I and my husband spent 700€  on our entire trip, and I never did a single compromise on anything. Although we sat far from each other on our 50 min flight to Santorini, But that was Ryanair, so no comments! Otherwise, 700 for two people is super enough!
If you are already convinced to plan a trip to this dreamy destination, why not to have a more inspiration by reading about Santorini attractions? I have separate articles stuffed with a bunch of tips for Santorini shopping as well. If you have a T-shirt saying “I love Shopping”, Santorini shopping would be an augmented dream, I promise!
Santorini trip costs
View on the way from Fira to Oia
Long story short, Santorini is not that expensive if you decide. Maybe everyone (including me) thought its so because it looked expensive (oh it looks hell expensive !).

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