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Shwe Chan- humble blog of Indian Travel blogger

Hello! I am Shwetal, a part-time Indian travel blogger. I am 27; living and working in Germany. When it comes to traveling, I must say I am a complete freak- right from travel planning to post travel exertions, I seem to enjoy everything about it.  Apart from India, I have been to eleven countries till now, mainly from Europe and Asia.

Indian travel blogger In Japan
My kimono and cherry blossom experience in Japan

My travels are usually budget travels or backpacking trips. More than places, I seek experiences, Like- I danced along with performers in the traditional German carnival, swam in the Greek waters, ate a raw fish in Amsterdam and tried to count the colors on Dutch tulips. I shopped Hungarian paprikas in Budapest’s farmer markets and asked the locals what they hate about tourists! Everything about this endless talk, you will find in my travels tab.

A bit about Shwe Chan

Shwe Chan is my humble blog, an effort I must say- by Indian travel blogging newbie. I like to share the goods and bads of all my trotting with fellow travel heads and friends; travel blog seemed a convincing way to me.

In Japan, while I was spinning my head over the name of my Youtube channel and travel Blog, My Japanese colleagues were struggling to pronounce my real name ( It’s Shwetal- and “A” is kind of silent). Long story shot- They ended this bumpy ride with a cute new name for me “Shwe- Chan” and bazinga! I got everything I was looking for.

Blog About Santorini by Indian travel blogger
Dream Vacation To Santorini

Shwe Chan is a travel Blog and also a Youtube channel. I enjoy writing down my emotions, sharing & expressing them via blog posts, Instagram or Facebook.

No doubt that the tagline had to be “I have some stories to tell”. You don’t agree? ask my parents- they have been my audience since childhood.

What I am up to now

I work as a web marketer, and I love my job. On weekends and holidays, I travel as much as I can. I am almost always accompanied by my lovely husband Rohanil; who himself is no different when it comes to traveling, touchwood!

In 2018 agenda is quite simple, Travel even more and seek better experiences, write everything down and revisit the stories when reminiscent. Learn more about travel photography, Edit videos better, write better, eat healthy food and save more for even more travels! I know, this is not a new year resolution list, but psychology says the best way to get your things done by yourself is to make a public commitment 😉