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Santorini Souvenirs: What to buy in Santorini, Greece.

Fira the capital and Oia the popular are famous destinations for souvenir shopping in Santorini. I have to admit though, Oia is way expensive. I was pretty sure that I had to save enough time for souvenir shopping in Santorini. After a long shopping haul in Fira, I found some of these souvenirs in my bag:
Souvenirs from Santorini
Souvenirs from Santorini

Souvenirs from Santorini

Famous Alcohols from Santorini

Local Ouzo (Greek Alcohol): Major warning for weak hearts, do not try ouzo while alone, it’s ridiculously strong. I bought the one from local ouzo manufacturer, just 100 ml – flight friendly happiness.
Dessert wine by Santo-winery: Did you know that vineyards in Santorini use only moisture in the air as their source of water? I was pretty shocked to know this truth and so  I was too excited to try Santorini wine. When I had a sip of this, I just knew that it was the best wine I had ever had! So refreshing and so clean on the palate, It immediately transported me to the beach and to the summer! If you are wine Fan like me, do not miss trying different wines produced on the island.

Santorini Beauty Souvenirs

Can’t comment on the effectiveness of beauty products because I haven’t tried them yet, but Santorini has a greater variety when it comes to skincare and beauty. Afterall I was in the land of Greek God’s and Goddesses, I wasn’t surprised!
Donkey Milk products: Honestly while I was talking about this to my family, everyone would just burst out of laugh. If you are an Indian you would rather agree that even with the slightest imagination of donkey with beauty products, save us, god, we won’t stop laughing! But Santorini gives a lot of importance to beauty benefits of Donkey Milk and you will find a rack full of products made from donkey milk.
Are they any good? I didn’t dare to try one but if you did, let me know your experience.
Volcanic products: Almost everywhere you will find the volcanic soaps, volcanic scrub stones which makes sense for an island having so much volcanic past and present. I got this lava soap with olive oil and currently, I am crushing over it.
volcanic soap from Santorini
Volcanic Soap


The olive oil: Fresh olives are the local specialty, even on the breakfast table you will find fresh reddish olives of Santorini- with Fresh feta- Umm divine!  I got an extra virgin olive oil and bunch of packed olives back home, everything was too good and everything is too good 🙂

Exclusive Souvenirs Of Santorini

Caldera and Church miniatures: I couldn’t resist touching these little marvels, Even though “do not touch” was vividly written. The miniature souvenirs of caldera and church were hard to miss, although couldn’t get the little church lamp as it was super delicate to fly over. If you can bring it without breaking it and your heart, go ahead.
exclusive miniatures of Santorini houses
Santorini house miniature
Handmade Paintings and Wall pieces: Again my big weak point! I guess my limited luggage reality had a big toll on my shopping spree there. I had to cancel many of the eye candies, paintings are one of them. If you have enough space left, you would definitely like to buy one painting!
Lather Products: Greek is famous for its lather, and along with expensive jewelry shops in Oia, you will find the cutest lather shops as well. I am not a leather fan, but if you are Santorini is your shopping heaven. Bags, shoes, Jackets and everything inspired by Greek designs. Even if you won’t buy- visit one.
Jewelry shopping in Oia: You will find all the posh Greek jewelry stores in Oia allies, were taking photographs is a big no-no. The stores take you into the refined world of jewelry designs inspired by ancient Greek jewelry. If you have a lot of dollar bills to exhaust, go ahead and buy these fine designs.

Take away points

  • Have a stroll around in Fira, compare the prices and then buy. Quality is almost similar everywhere, but prices differ depending on the location of the shop.
  • By now you know that I am definitely gonna advice about having a lot of free space in your luggage.
I was searching every shop for a T-shirt with a cartoon donkey on it saying “Somebody who loves me, got this from Santorini”. I could get this for babies but wasn’t available for adults. I desperately need this one for my younger brother, If you happen to visit Santorini, Please buy me one!
*PS do not pass on this post to my brother if you already know him!

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