Budapest, Central Europe

You need to know this before visiting Budapest: Don’ts of visiting Budapest, Hungary

I spent my recent vacation in Budapest, and I am surprised to discover so many No-nos for the local Hungarians! Seldom did I search for “Don’ts of visiting Budapest, Hungary”, I wish I would have done that before visiting Budapest! 

Here are some things which I feel, you should avoid- while in Budapest, Hungary. Again this is what I discovered, your experiences might be different, but there is no harm scrolling through my list of – what you need to know before visiting Budapest, Hungary. 

Fisherman's Bastion- Budapest
Fisherman’s Bastion- Budapest

Appreciating soviet architecture

After 2nd world war, Russian troops were stationed in the country until 1989. Hungarians tried to rebel against communist influence many times since 1945, major events include Hungarian revolution in 1956. Many Hungarians were brutally killed in the series of revolts, almost every Hungarian family has a family member who had suffered/ killed during this period. As communist-ruled Hungary for more than 50 years, today, we find many monuments/ memorials/ sculptures/ metro lines created by Soviets. It’s one thing to feel the cultural diversity that soviet monuments bring on the table, but admiring them especially to the Hungarian is a big no-no!

About Drinking Palinka: 

Palinka is a cure for everything– Hungarians say! well, it could be, just try not to drink it slowly! Palinka is super strong, so bottoms up is the way to handle it. Also, do not refuse palinka offered by Hungarian, it might be perceived as a rude behavior. Do not forget to hear palinka stories from locals 🙂 I have a personal favorite from my trip to Budapest- when my friend said, we drink it if we break our hearts! hilarious!! 

Buying Metro tickets in Budapest: 

I wasted so much money on the stupid ticket vending machines at the metro stations, note my word the machines are really stupid!! You enter the destination and put in your cash and puff! both your money and tickets are gone! To add an insult to this injury is -you won’t find any info/ service points on most of the stations. So once your money is gone, there is no way getting it back, It’s your un-volunteered free donation to Budapest 🙂 
Better to buy your tickets from bigger metro stations which have a customer care booth/ section dedicated to ticket distribution.

It is “Budaah- Pesht”

Although it spells like Budapest, It should sound like Budah- Pesht! I agree that we all have our way of saying city names, but if you want to make Hungarians happy, Go with the Budah- Pesht, you might get a free cookie in the restaurant. 
St Stefan's basilica- Budapest
St Stefan’s basilica- Budapest

Hungary- world’s most depressed county: 

This is what you read online, this is what they say about Hungarians! the suicide song originates from Hungary, the highest number of suicides happen in Hungary, Hungarians are always sad and complaining – this is not at all true.
Maybe statistically or in the past, it was true, but definitely not now. Try to avoid this topic with locals, they will definitely get offended. Just dance in ruin pubs, eat goulash and drink their Palinka, you will want to change everything the world says about them. 
Curious about this wonderful country? I have captured a lot of Budapest in my vlog. If you think Budapest is the one you should visit next, why not to go through some videos. 

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