Plan Your Europe Trip

Plan Your dream Europe trip with me

Every Indian and especially 90’s kid is spoilt for the Europe trip – and of course, Bollywood is to blame for. I was super excited to complete my first ever Europe trip in 2016. I covered major attractions in  4 countries ( Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Italy) in Just 7 days. It wasn’t a luxury trip but wasn’t a backpacking trip either. From visa process to night train bookings, everything was planned by me and my husband, Needless to say, we saved a fortune compared to the cliche group tours offering the Europe trips.

Trip to Santorini
A trip to Santorini

Planning your Europe trip can be overwhelming, I truly understand. If you are planning your dream Europe trip, and need some valuable tips, consider filling up the attached request, and I will get back to you asap!

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